A custom package from Demented Elf Productions.  I’m calling it Your Radio.  It will be 4 hours of music and will feature information about Your display. Your station name and freq. It will really make it sound like you’ve taken over a local radio station.


You supply as much information as you can about your display and maybe even your neighborhood and I’ll put together a 4 hour “on-air” shift for Your station.


It can be 2 hours before and 2 hours after your display, or four hours leading up to the display.  Impress your visitors when the DJ tells them the station is now going to carry (Name of Your Display Here) live for the next # of hours.


Or if you want I can set it up to cover your display in case of bad weather and Your Radio is filling in the hours for that night.


This will be fully customized for your display. Nothing will be pre-recorded. Files will be set up for delivery via Dropbox or if needed I can put on DVD and send to you.



Price  $125.00


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