What Is A Package?


A package is a number of voiceovers to be used in your display.


The most common voiceovers are;


A Welcome - This invites your visitors to enjoy your lights and also give information about your display. Things like hours, the name of your charity if you collect for one.


Neighbors - This asks visitors to keep your neighbors in mind. 


Close - A nightly announcement to let visitors know the display is about to end for the evening and to invite them back again. 


Final Night Close - Will let your visitors know that the display has run for the final time, wish them a Happy New Year, and to invite them back next season.


Other announcements that can be included in packages;


Thanks for Visiting

Photo Op

Something specific about your display...special parking or viewing instructions...Santa Visits...etc.

Tech issues

Weather shutdowns or delays.

Customized announcements for your display situation.

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