MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: After much thought and consideration, I have decided it is time for Demented Elf Production to head into the sunset. This will be the last season of The Demented Elf and Demented Elf Productions. This will be the 11th season and I have to say its been a fun ride and I never expected the support the Christmas Community has shown me. Thank you everyone.








By ordering a voice package you agree to not post videos containing  this package or voiceovers contained there in, without express written consent of Demented Elf Productions. You will not give or sell copies to others. You will not pass these works as your own. All work copyright Demented Elf Productions!


Spring time is here.....So its time for the Spring Sale. This is the ONLY SALE this year! Order now and get them when you need them. Order now and save money and check something off your too do list. Check elmart for pricing.   














Since 2006 Demented Elf Productions has been providing professional voice overs for your holiday displays.  Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July and many other occasions.  We are also available for other projects.


Virtual Home Tours

Internet Radio Stations

Business Needs

Multi Media Projects



Why use Demented Elf Productions?  How does fast personal service and reasonable prices sound as a start?  You know the effort you put into your display and work. Many of you work on your displays year round. What else can you add to your display, besides more work, more props or more lights? Professional voice overs will take your display to the next level.  While visitors are enjoying your display from their car radio, give them a professional presentation. Let your display sound as if it is being carried by a real local station. Pass important information to your quests. Remind them not to block your neighbor’s driveways, or encourage them to give to the charity your display is helping.  Some have called us “The Voice Of Christmas” put us to work in your display. For more information contact us by clicking here -> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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