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Don't forget to listen to Holiday America Radio! Holiday America Radio! We believe everyday is a Holiday. We're now celebrating with a better mix for a brighter day.  Visit  and rediscover Holiday America Radio.



The Demented Elf Productions provides quality Christmas Voiceovers.

You put countless hours into your display. From planning the music, the layout, and let's not forget the time it takes to put it all up and making sure everything is plugged in.

So.....what's left to add?....Beside even MORE lights?  How about something that will take it to the next level. Add some Christmas Voiceovers.

Christmas Voiceovers will help add that something extra and will leave your display viewers remembering your display. They can add a touch of humor, provide information, and even show your neighbors that you have them in mind too with a voiceover asking people to give them the right of way.  I can provide the voiceovers for you giving your show a professional sound and feel. I can write the scripts from information you provide, or I can follow your scripts.

The Demented Elf Productions has recorded  Christmas Voiceovers for many Christmas displays around the country, and the world! Be sure to check out the Official Voice Of page for a list of displays that have used my services.

You'll find information on my offerings on the Packages page. I have many options that you can choose from. If what you want is not listed there, simply email me, and I'll work with you to determine exactly what you want. I can also provide Halloween voiceovers.


TO CONTACT ME, CLICK This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Demented Elf Productions is also available for Business Phone Systems,Training Videos, and other multi-media needs.



Some of the music beds used by Demented Elf Productions are provided by JewelBeat Music.


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